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The fairy ring showed up yesterday. Last year it erupted on August 20, only it went unrecognized as a ring because of its size. This year the entire circle is obvious, tethered as it is to the sycamore tree.

The radius is longer than the tape measure, so a girl has to do math and calculations involving pi. πŸ€“The circumference is just over 84 feet.

There is marjoram and thyme growing nearby, but the ring’s inner sanctum is not to be traversed. A girl who is already prone to exhaustive dancing has to draw the line somewhere. There are principles to be upheld. 🧚🏼

The morning walk into the midst led to this:

A magic moment that can’t be dismissed,

Or maybe it could, but why

miss water becoming sky?





Back to water sky flows.

Will it be missed?

Will it be mist?

Will it be in the midst

of another intersection in the mist?

“…talent is no more than a clarity of doing, an embodied moment where spirit and hand are one.”

Mark Nepo

Because it’s October 1st and there’s a full moon and life should be celebrated!

Look about you at the little things that run the earth.

~E.O. Wilson


Tiger Swallowtail

I just finished reading Wendy Williams’ The Language of Butterflies and I have a new appreciation for these beautiful and diverse insects.Β  I highly recommend it!


Writing Spider


I caught this little guy snoozing on the job in the garden. I mistook him for dead just laying there as he was with his feet kicked back and his head hanging off the edge of the marigold’s bloom. When he heard my phone snap his picture he woke up and buzzed back to work.

Sleepy bee


Don’t sleep lightly

Sleep very tightly

Happy slumbers to you.

–Winnie the Pooh

All the water that will ever be is, right now.

~National Geographic, October 1993


Someone in the desert was crying out for you.


Bad Water Basin

Bad Water Basin salting up Death Valley


Someone elsewhere was drowning.

Mississippi RiverΒ  Β  Β Mississippi River gushing between Tennessee & Arkansas


Someone was learning to swim in your deep end.

Stairway to the PacificPacific Ocean inviting us to the deep


Someone was propelling herself forward through you.

Swimming Jelly FishNameless water in her aquarium with jellyfish


Someone saw herself in you.

Tulsa Reflecting PoolWoodward Park Reflecting Pool reflecting the things above


Someone saw you in the heavens.

Rainbow Anonymous water fueling rainbows in the Memphis sky



There are not enough lips to utter
All your fleeting names, O water

I would have to say them in every tongue
Pronouncing all the vowels at once

Wislawa Szymborska, (Excerpt from a translation of Water.Β  Read the beautiful poem here).




My Svadhisthana Inspiration Playlist

Dear Island, β‰ˆβˆβ‰ˆ Joseph Michael

Sleepwalk β‰ˆβˆβ‰ˆ Kalani

Clare de Lune β‰ˆβˆβ‰ˆ Kerrilyn Renshaw β‰ˆβˆβ‰ˆ Classical Relaxation Piano with Soothing Ocean Sounds

Moonlight Sonata β‰ˆβˆβ‰ˆ Chie Nagatani β‰ˆβˆβ‰ˆ Classical Relaxation Piano with Soothing Ocean Sounds

(ok, absolutely anything and everything from the Classical Relaxation Piano with Soothing Ocean Sounds Album)

Somewhere Over the Rainbow β‰ˆβˆβ‰ˆ Israel Kamakawiwo’ole

Heaven β‰ˆβˆβ‰ˆ DJ Sammy

I Want Your Sex β‰ˆβˆβ‰ˆ George Michael

The Seal Lullabye β‰ˆβˆβ‰ˆ Voces8 & Lavinia Meijer

As the Water… β‰ˆβˆβ‰ˆ John Williams

Erotic City β‰ˆβˆβ‰ˆ Prince

Orinoco Flow β‰ˆβˆβ‰ˆ Enya

Overflow of Love β‰ˆβˆβ‰ˆ Alexandre Desplat β‰ˆβˆβ‰ˆ The Shape of Water

The Women of WaterΒ  β‰ˆβˆβ‰ˆ Lin Hai β‰ˆβˆβ‰ˆ Empire of Silver

Made of Water β‰ˆβˆβ‰ˆ Tom Wisner

Feelin’ Love β‰ˆβˆβ‰ˆ Paula Cole









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