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Aaaaaahh!   Another semester complete.

I started thinking the other day that it’s time to start subtracting things from my life again.  And that’s when I lost my keys. They’ve been missing for the last two days, which is perfectly fine by me.

The same thing happened last May.  That time, they went missing for two whole weeks.  When I’d finally had enough of being keyless, I sat down and called my keys back to me.  (I know that sounds ridiculous, but it totally has worked for me with lost keys and cats).  Anyway, a few hours later I got a call from the library — someone had found my keys in the street several miles away from my house.  How my keys wound up in the street is beyond me.  It’s not like I threw them out the window or anything.  I chalk it up as one of life’s great mysteries, kinda like finding not-my-pants in my closet.   Anyway,  the someone who found my keys noticed I had a library card on the keyring so he took them to the library and had a librarian call me to come pick them up, which is kinda funny because I couldn’t pick them up — I didn’t have keys to get there!

When you lose your keys you can’t leave your house unless somebody comes and picks you up.  Hm….unless you have a spare key, which would change everything.  I bet you’re thinking by now that I probably should get spare keys since clearly this is a regular thing for me.  But let’s apply a little logic here:  I can’t even keep up with my regular keys, so how would you expect me to keep up with spares?   Ok so when *I* lose *my* keys I can’t leave my house unless somebody comes and picks me up – or well unless El-D takes me somewhere.  And this is pretty fabulous any way it plays out — either staying home or being picked up.   I love being picked up and taken places. It’s a whole different sort of thing than driving someplace.  I can also appreciate being stranded at home.

I’ve said all that to say this: I’ve been both picked up and stranded the last two days. And it was good.

Here are the beautiful things that have happened on the farm this month:

tom kha with a heart-shaped green onion

tom kha with a heart-shaped green onion


Horses ate

Horses ate



Olaf, Giggles, and Chopper took a bath

Olaf, Giggles, and Chopper took a bath


beauty unfurled

beauty unfurled


… and who knows when the time seems right I might sit down and call back my keys.


 iridescent light

radiant eyes

crab apples

a universe at the pond’s surface

Several times since we’ve moved in to Peace.Love.Home I’ve spotted a trio of horses in the pasture next door.  I’ve ridden a few times in my life, but I wouldn’t consider myself a horse person.  Still, which each sighting of the trio, my heart quickens a bit.  With their heads bowed to graze, tails swishing and skin twitching, they are mesmerizing.  This week The Devil and I ventured to the fence for a closer look.

The Devil made fun of my attempt to call them over. “It’s not a dog,” he laughed.

 A few kissy sounds, whistles, and tongue clicks later…

Um….Hello, Puppy

I love to get the last laugh, especially when it’s not alone.

Whoa, Nelly!

The horse smelled fantastically horsey.  He shook a dirt cloud on me, sniffed, sized me up with both sides of his head, and then waited expectantly for me to pet his soft, snorty nose.  I was happy to oblige.


Little by little we’re completing projects.

As my belly dancer friends know, I’ve been trading in my sequins, glitter, rhinestones, and beads for this….

I am so “the sexy”

Yesterday I sold my bloomers and daggers.  I’m not kidding.

Upon a moment’s reflection, I just realized that this makes the second time I’ve posted my underwear on my blog.


I guess technically, they’re not my undies anymore, they’re Beth’s.  HaHa, Beth, I posted your undies!

In case you’re just joining the panty adventures and have missed these important highlights, here are links:

Blogging Panties

Gonna Make Me a Panty Quilt

….and honestly, I have no idea how I’ve strayed so far from the original point. Now, where was I?

Oh, yes. Projects! I’m completing them.

I hung fish in the forest!

Now I have six fish swimming in the trees among the birdhouses.  Oh, I know! Let’s play a game: How many fish can you spot in the picture below?

We also finished the herb garden.  It was a joint effort.  The Devil made the planters and A-frame stand out of pallets.  I made the labels out of forks and tin-can lids.  (That last sentence made me feel very ‘Adam Sandler’ in his Pedro skit, “I once made a hat out of a lobster and a stick.”)

Those planters hold basil, cilantro, parsley, mint, rosemary, thyme, carrots, and arugula. Yum!

There are many, MANY projects in the works.  Not enough time to report on them all. Please tune in later for updates on the rennovations to the cottage.

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