November came and went in its usual exhausting way.  The year after year ebb and flow of academic semesters has given November a near-but-not-nearly-near-enough-to-the-finish-line-of-a-marathon  sort of vibe for me. November makes me tired, tired, tired.

Here are the goals and what I managed to accomplish on them in November:

1. Cook something fabulous and complicated every other week.

Somehow I managed to throw together two mediocre dinners by sheer force of will in the name of this resolution. Go me!

2. Eat dinner before 7:30.

All-time high here — 80% success rate.

3. Tend the garden.

The 7 hours I spent in my yard was by far the most enjoyable part of the entire month. I raked and raked and raked and raked and raked and raked and raked oak and sycamore leaves. Other people came over to help push leaves around the yard, which made me beyond grateful.

The crepe myrtles and rose of Sharon are pruned, the dead plants are mostly out of the beds. I harvested some of the arugula and lettuce and planted more. The indoor plants were repotted and the amaryllis bulbs were pulled out for the season. They are happily sprouting in the window seal.

There is still more raking to be done.

4. Write a book.

Har.  I got 80 minutes of writing done.

5. Meditate 15 minutes a day.

I accomplished just over 2 hours for the entire month.