So I finally got around to making some New Years Resolutions this month. I’m in full-blown Geek Mode over it all. We’re  talking task analyses and spreadsheets here.  Here’s the progress report:

1. Cook something fabulous and complicated every other week.

This goal was partly inspired by the herb garden that had been more ornamental than functional.  The herbs were put to use this month in three complicated, fabulous dinners made by yours truly:

  • veggie lasagna with fresh basil that was accompanied by strawberry and orange salad with citrus syrup and fresh mint
  • spinach manicotti with lemon basil
  • quinoa stuffed bell peppers slathered with mozzarella.  (El-D insisted on making the sauce for the peppers himself, likely thinking I needed “adult supervision” in the kitchen.  I didn’t. That said, no kitchens were harmed in fires this month.)

No dinner party plans as of yet, but we’re hosting Nanook’s 75th birthday party next month. The theme is Elvis Blue Hawaii, whatever that means. Time will tell.

Eating dinner before 7:00 has remained a challenge. This objective was accomplished only 67% of the time. Not perfect, but it’s progress.

Green crab apples hang on the trees. Maybe they’ll be ripe and ready to spice up by the end of next month.

2.  Finish Inferno choreography.

It’s not complete yet, but it’s coming together. Ciardi’s translation has been a major source of inspiration, specifically Canto IX, from which the song’s lyrics are drawn.

3. Write a book.

I’ve been typing and organizing my notes. I’m at 12,000 words presently.

4. Tend the garden.

I did a little weeding this month, planted a flower, and kept things watered.  I haven’t planted the lettuce or herb beds yet. It’s too hot!

5. Meditate 15 minutes a day.

I’ve logged 3 hours and 15 minutes this month.