Grace Flow Yoga

In our practice of core awareness we stretch and move in ways that help us learn new things about ourselves.  Sometimes we assume yoga poses that take up a lot of space, for example Warrior I, II, and III. In these poses our stance is wide as we stretch our arms to their full span or reach skyward. At other times in our practice we fold into ourselves and lie close to the ground. In child’s pose for instance, we make ourselves as small as possible. In her book The Creative Habit: Learn It and Use It for Life, choreographer Twyla Tharp calls this latter exercise Egg and she does it daily. Using the movement as a metaphor, it is a physical lesson in solving an intellectual problem: How do you get a new project off the ground? Tharp writes,

Once you shrink yourself into a fetal ball, you have no choice but to do something expansive. You cannot hold the starting…

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