Do you know why the caged rose sings?

Why does the caged rose sing?



This week as the roses are making one last glorious stand against the imminent winter,  I have been running around the yard cheering them on.   Today’s bright chill and tonight’s impending freeze threatens to squeeze the life right out of them.  A surrendered rose is such a sad (though still beautiful) sight.  But tonight we gather close tonight around the fire.


November 2013 016


It’s not just the roses creating a spectacle. The pineapple basil, of all things, has decided to shoot off some fireworks during its last hurrah.

November 2013 007


November 2013 010

Nickel “You Can Call Me Flower if You Want to” Kitty 

And there’s Nickel Kitty, who appears to be a little disgusted by all the attention being lavished on the flowers.

November 2013 022


Vase: $1.00 from the Goodwill

Flowers: Free from God.

Fall Beauty: Priceless.

(Who needs Mastercard?)