El D and I had a play-date.

We went to see the play Red (it was great!) and now I can’t stop seeing the color everywhere.

There is something disconcerting about opening your eyes after a peaceful reverie to find a red octapus staring back at you smiling.

I know because that’s exactly what happened to me one morning this week.   I sat down and closed my eyes to an empty room for my morning meditation.

Fifteen minutes later, I opened my eyes and this was the scene that lay before me:

Sept 2013 001

Maybe this is how the Law of Attraction works? …like attracts like? …when you look into the abyss, the abyss looks into you…and all that.

…or maybe Moon Pie, my meditation partner, is slowly coming to terms with the fact that I ignore her completely every morning for 15 minutes.  She used to beat me with her toys, then deposit them in my lap and use my back as prop against which to practice her headstands. Now she just takes a bite out of my mat in protest and lines her toys up politely behind me.

Off the mat, still red, red, red…

Red is this giant, fuzzy brain growing obscenely larger day by day in my front flower bed…

Sept 2013 029

What IS that thing?! It’s ALIVE!!!!

So I plucked it from its stem and brought it in the house to better keep an eye on it.  There is no telling what shennanigans it plots beneath those convolutions.

Red is the swirly mess I made when slipping to take a picture too hastily…

Sept 2013 002

and red still, of course, when I finally got it right…

Sept 2013 007

The crab apple tree tapped me on the shoulder on my way to the mailbox.

“Excuse me, but did you say red?” she seemed to be saying when I looked up.

Sept 2013 027

And another splash of red in the food things popping out of the stuff growing around here…

Sept 2013 026