First and foremost, here is the goat I got for my birthday…august 29 2013 045

It’s a start!  And it is a handsome goat to be sure.  I’m positive that even more goaty goodness will be a part of my near future.


I also acquired some new birds. Myrtle, Pearl, & GertrudeMeet Myrtle, Pearl, and Gertrude. We have the ducks in the chicken coop, so the chickens get the dog run. At night they sleep Snoopy style, perched on top of the dog house.

There’s one more girl who isn’t in the picture and that is Freebird.  When El-D opened the carrier to her new home, she wasn’t having any of it.  In a blink of an eye Freebird scaled the 6 foot fence and hightailed it to the ravine.  She spent the night doing chicken things in the great wild.  The next day, El-D spotted her strutting around the pond. He grabbed a net and the chase was on. She is now adjusting to her new life in the dogrun.

It hasn’t happened yet, but I *might* start eating eggs again now that I know they aren’t fertilized and that the eggs are laid by chickens I know and love.  Here’s what their eggs look like.

9-3-13 001


Here’s a gratuitous picture  El-D doing manly stuff.

august 29 2013 020

He cut down Ugly Tree (we really have names for everything around here) and after that he wanted to make something with all the wood, so I suggested stools we can sit on around a bonfire (or a cauldron, whatever) for Halloween. Here’s what came of that idea…

august 29 2013 029


It looks like a place to do some sort of weird ritual.  We should invent one.  Any suggestions?  And here is an okra blossom!august 29 2013 015

And get a load of these three silly grasshoppers!

august 29 2013 005

Upclose they looked like they were smiling for the camera.