Kozo of everyday gurus is focusing on art in this month’s peace challenge because

“…art has the ability to transform the soul. If art can change a soul, then it can change the world.”

The challenge: Explain how art makes you a more peaceful person.

When words fail, dance explains.

Here our paths converge despite the differences in generation, life experiences, linguistic and cultural backgrounds, and gender.  These things could separate us, but we have come together to dance. 

And so we begin. We circle this way and that. Sometimes we avoid near collisions, and sometimes maybe not.  When one collapses to the ground, the other lends a helping hand up; this is the lesson we demonstrate to others as much as to ourselves. 

In this dance, this sacred dance called life, we learn to move and breathe as one.

…Oh, just watch the video!

…and another opportunity to promote peace and refuge:

yoga may 2013