Yes, it’s another post with duck pictures.  Hey, don’t you roll your eyes at me!   Yes, I know, I might seem a little overly preoccupied with ducks lately, but today I have good reason:

P-Recious Rainbow Queen Mother *smiled* at me.   She freakin’ smiled at me.

I’m not kidding.  See for yourself…

Clearly, that is a smiling duck.

Clearly, that is a smiling duck.

I mean come ON — look at that smile all coy and shy-like.

Of course, you would probably smile too if I talked to you like I do to her.   At the time I was going on and on (and on) about how wonderful she is, how pretty, how sweet, and how she is such a good momma.  And then she gave me that “Aw shucks” expression you see there.

And then there are her golden yellow babies with their shiney new bills that also keep me preoccupied.

Frank & Myrrh adorable baby ducks

Frank & Myrrh – adorable baby ducks

My week hasn’t been all about ducks though.  When I haven’t been in the barn providing Queen Mother positive affirmation, I have been contemplating why there is a dead crawdad in the bird bath.

This is a crawdad

This is a crawdad

And pondering the comment elicited by dead crawdad: “Pair that with some corn and mashed potaters and that’s good eatin’!”

In other news,  I have been taking private yoga lessons from Moo-Moo this week. As soon as I stepped off the mat, she got on to demonstrate a perfect Salamba Bhujangasana (aka Sphinx Pose).

yogi pup

yogi pup showing me how it’s done