P. Recious Rainbow is out of control.

Don't let that demure look fool you.

Don’t let that demure look fool you.

She has dethroned P. King and positioned herself as Queen Mother of the duck kingdom….

There are 18 eggs in this nest

There are 18 eggs in this nest

She is uh…really fertile?

I knew she had eggs under her feathers, but no idea that there were THAT many until I offered her some cracked corn. This was an obvious violation of duck protocol. In fact, she found the gesture so offensive that she hissed at me. Twice.  Then she jumped up and went running around quacking ferociously about it, which disturbed all the other ducks.  Ordinarily, everyone follows P. King around and lets him bully them, but P. Recious Rainbow Queen Mother was in such state about the cracked corn incident that all the rest of them — including P. King — went chasing after her. It almost seemed like they were trying to console her with the wheezy whistling ruckus they created around her crazed quacking.

It was even more dramatic than the commotion P. King makes when he is feeling frisky and doing his “Sexy Time” dance with his wings splayed out running around on his tippy toes chasing after the girls.

So, I left, as I do when things get out of hand in the duck community. As I was leaving, I looked back.  P. Rainbow was standing outside her nest eyeing her eggs carefully.  She looked like she was counting them.