Double Rainbow! Oh My God! Oh My God! 

–Yosemitebear Mountain Giant

Color is joy. One does not think joy. One is carried by it.

— Ernst Haas


Yesterday’s drive to Mason, Tennessee featured squirrely roads and plowed up corn fields.  We arrived at Castlerocks Backyard Market just as a warm, light rain began to fall.  The farm was gorgeous — ducks and geese everywhere, fruit trees, and berry bushes.

A light mist followed the rain and a rainbow appeared.

Under this iridescent skyscape  the mistress of the market generously shared her time and knowledge.   Then we received our new girl for the coop.  We christened her P. Recious Rainbow.

That’s P. Recious Rainbow on the Left.

And this morning our girl left a gift.  The first egg.

And today, a second rainbow peeked out of the rain clouds.  A double rainbow, faint in this picture just above the brighter bow…

What an abundance of joy to be found in the simplest of things.

Dear Readers, may you never miss a rainbow because you were looking down.

I leave you with the voice of Yosemite Mountain Giant, the man knocked to his knees by rainbow rays…