I need a remedy for what is ailin’ me!


Wake me when the day breaks.  Show me how the sun shines.


Let your love light shine.

–Christopher & Rich Robinson


It’s been a bumpy ride the last couple of weeks.

But my remedy came in the sunshine and wind…

It was a good day for a roadtrip.

The more I scoot around Arkansas, the more I fall in love with the Natural State and all her secrets.

In Rosebud, a one-light town with a population of 429, there lives a medicine man who sells remedies…

It’s a magical place…

…and the medicine man is a busy fella.

And there was much to consider about the energy of the sea and the power that is harnessed at Greers Ferry Lake dam.

Mountain View is a place where you can find music around every bend.

At Mountain View Music, they’ll trade ya a banjo for a puppy.  It was a tempting offer….

Even The Devil gets in on the music action…sorta…

And now a visual interlude to show off a happy puppy….

….and a few other interesting sights around AR, like Redneck Pride….

….a glorious beard!

 …a zebra?

….and the setting sun’s silver reflection on the lake.