Some things you can learn by listening and talking. Others you can learn by quietly observing. And then there are the lessons you can learn only by doing. The lessons learned by doing are often the hardest kind to explain. I can spend all day telling you how to ride a bike.  You can tell me what you learned from my lecture.  You can watch me ride around and see that it looks easy.  But until you get on a bike and pedal for yourself you will never fully know the freedom of wheeling through time and space on a joy ride.  To know that experience you must leave your mind and become a citizen of your body. You must learn to trust what the body already knows.  You must be willing to concede some degree of control. It’s a process that takes practice.  Each time you waiver, each time you fall and get back up to try again your body learns. The vestibular system, with its coils and circles, makes the right minute adjustments without your direction.  Proprioceptors in your muscles learn the right patterns necessary to propel you forward. These systems and others learn to coordinate and become fine-tuned, but only through the practice. You just have to try. Learn by doing. Let go of fear, embrace trust, and you will find balance.