“The Devil is in the Details” is what he (The Devil) told me to entitled this post.  Mind you this was before I had even considered blogging about this. I was simply taking the pictures to show the family how industrious we’d been.  Yes, we.  He may have done all the heavy lifting (and sawing, hammering, prying, and everything involving dirt and serious effort) but someone had to hand feed him chips while he worked, take the pictures, ‘oooooh and aaaaaaah’ over everything, decide where things should go, and listen to his step-by-step tutorial like a good apprentice carpenter (as if I would be doing all this for myself someday).  Plus, I’m the one, apparently, who must work into the late hours of the night writing the blog, so here we go.

It all started with a simple pallet (or palate, if you prefer) and a need for salad material.  I wanted to plant arugula and spinach and he wanted to destroy something.

The Devil Wields His Saw of Destruction

So he did.

The Devil Beats the Nails into Submission

At this point in the lecture he wanted me to be sure to mention that he was recycling even the nails.

Voila, Hanging Pallet Planters

The Devil filled the planters with dirt, planted arugula and spinach seeds and hung the pallets on the fence.

Then to be ironic, I put a bird on it.


I’ll have you know that bird was made from a repurposed vinyl record….as was this bird…


The bird was a nod to the crazy people of Portlandia (see video below).