There’s a certain man in my life who has taught me a great deal about good environmental stewardship by the example he sets daily. Around here he’s known as “The Devil,” because he torments me relentlessly (Exhibit AExhibit B). 

He keeps a mean backyard vegetable garden. He was composting before it was cool — much to my dismay initially, but hey, evolution takes time.  Maybe you didn’t know composting was cool? Well it is. Click here to see why: Voila!

The man knows exactly what’s in his bread because he bakes it himself. He gave up beef, chicken, and pork more years ago than I can remember.  He’s an amazing cook of all sorts of vegetarian dishes.

He single-handedly insulated his attic to cut energy costs. He also installed a solar powered fan to cool the attic in the summer. He’s replaced all the lightbulbs in the house with the spiraly energy-efficient kind. He’s the kind of guy who conserves water by turning it off while brushing his teeth — something I’m just not able to do even with his admonishments.

He recycles religiously. He has been known to reuse aluminum foil.

He reads the books I buy on environmental stewardship and when I don’t have time to read them, he reads to me.

He is, in short, pretty awesome and I am lucky to have him as a mentor.