Distant car horns echoing off buildings, trains rumbling by with the accompanying ding of crossing gates, sirens blaring warnings, electronic things beeping all around, buses accelerating bassily then coming to a stop in a WHOOSH of air brakes, and everyone around vibrating with nervous energy or ambition  – it all began blending into a constant stream of sound that bombarded the system.  Day three began with the need to escape the unending drone of the big city. 

Off to Batiquitos Lagoon…

…where rustling leaves, grass, and birdsong could be heard

…where a mix of sage, liquorice, salt, and sea perfumed the breeze. 

…where green things freshen up the air

…where the world looks like one may spot a prehistoric creature around the bend

…where a girl can sit in a tree

…where there are few straight lines and harsh angles