Lord of the Flies is freakin’ amazing and totally relevant to my weird enlightenment-no meat quest, which was totally ruined by the way on Saturday when I went to a faculty retreat and was served an eggy roll,  gumbo with crab, shrimp, clams, and crawfish, and a salad covered with bacon, chicken, and steak.  I had requested a vegetarian meal!  What the heck? This is the imaginary conversation between the food planners that played itself out in my head:

Sadistic Person A: You know what would be fun? Let’s slaughter every animal on the farm to serve to the vegetarian!

Sadistic Person B: Yeah! And then we can see what creepy crawly things we can pull out of the ocean to kill!

I tried my best to eat around all the animal bits, but I accidentally gagged down a clam thinking it was a mushroom before realizing my mistake.  There were also minute bacon bits consumed.  I considered just going crazy and eating all the meat, but somehow I couldn’t do it. There were no cravings for even the beefy bits after weeks of hamburger fantasies. On the contrary, I found it all a bit…gross.  I traded my steak and chicken for a friend’s avocados, so I guess it all worked out alright.

Anyway, back to Lord of the Flies – the way I see it killing the pig marked the beginning of the island insanity and the ending of logic and reasoning. 

I loved Golding’s way with words.  My favorite descriptions:

“His face was dark with the violent pleasure of making this stupendous noise.”

“He became absorbed beyond mere happiness as he felt himself trying to exercise control overing living things.  He talked to [the transparencies], urging them, ordering them…they were trapped and gave him the illusion of mastery.”