While the archivist has been busy slacking, the Knitters and Knutters have been crafting away. Much has happened over the course of the last four meetings.

A tea and oatmeal breakfast was served with peaches and cream during last week’s morning meeting.

The centerpiece WAS the day's craft as far as the hostess was concerned

A few weeks back, Plus One, who is now officially plus one, completed her knitted masterpiece!
Her keys, lipstick, and checkbook will be all warm and snuggly in their autumnal-hued purse.  
Skattur continues working like a maniac on her garden.  She completed her recycling project, transforming this ordinary wooden pallet …. 

An ordinary wooden pallet

into this….  
then into this…
and finally into this… 


They’re the perfect accent for her whimsical garden. 
During the SoKaN hiatus, Knitter Knazi completed a couple scarves: 

A scarf in blue mohair. ("What's a Mo?" -Elitest Jerk)

Skattur’s Christmas Present from Knazi

Note:  The red and black scarf above is the knit equivalent of a Rorschach Inkblot Test.  People will stare and inquire: What are those things? Roses? Aliens? Octopuses? Octopi? Nekkid people? 

Knitter Knazi also completed this weird hat:

Little Dude & Mini Nutter made keychains and bracelets.

T-shirt reconstruction was all the rage at one of the meetings.  Scissors were snappin and material was flyin. Holes were created in some shirts and patched in others.

XXX marks the spot where a hole was in this t-shirt

Lil’Croche-E with the help of ThunderCoooka created this princess cake for Mini Nutter’s birthday: