There are at least five blog posts in my head buzzing about, disturbing the flowers.  No time to get any them out tonight, but I’m sure the swarm will be headed this way soon. 

Right now I just want to share this fabulous thing I just read in Meditations from the Mat – a book I’ll be reviewing at some point in the future.  (Though not too near future hopefully.  I’m savoring it. I really, really don’t want it to end.)

Anyway, here it is:

“Yoga presents us with a bewildering array of practices and priorities.  We appear to need two days-one to prepare ourselves for life and one for living it.  The truth is simpler, and the simplicity we need in order to make headway can be found in our relationships.  It is in relationships that we sow either the seeds of our liberation or the seeds of our imprisonment.  Yoga is asking us to pay attention to the nature of all of our relationships and to apply the yamas and niyamas to them.  Whether it is our relationship to our breath, the bottoms of our feet, the ant crawling across the kitchen floor, our families, or to God, we are being asked to pay attention. The aim of yogic practice is to free us from the endless distractions of the kleshas-fear, pride, desire, ignorance-and to teach us to bring a focused mind to bear on the nature of our relationships.  Our time spent on the mat is dedicated to that end.”

-Rolf Gates