The Knitters & Nutters Report

Featured Member

One of our members deserves special recognition for her accomplishments. This member has spent the last several months being vastly productive.  She has dramatically expanded her repertoire of arts, crafts and general nuttery.  She knits faster than a speeding bullet, creates crafts more powerful than a locomotive, and she’s able to leap small buildings in a single bound. Look! Up in the sky – it’s a bird? It’s a plane? No, it’s….a pirate?  No, wait! It’s SuperSkattur!

SuperSkattur is super-duper amazing-cool. She designed the SoKaN logo above.  This feat alone demanded the patience of a saint.  Getting 10 complete nutters to agree on  anything is a major accomplishment in itself. The trials and tribulations Skattur faced to this end may be found here:  The Evolution of a Logo.

Skattur was one of the original  Knit-Wits in SoKaN. She taught herself to knit from a video and then went on to make several scarves and various pirate-themed knits (e.g., armbands/beer cozies).  She generously shares her knitting knowledge with others…including strange men…in bars.

Her latest knitted projects include decorative pillows for her livingroom.  She’s currently at work on a knitted blanket.

She’s been hard at work this year making decoupage decorum for her home:

Decorative decoupage balls

Decoupaged trunk

This year she’s brought her considerable creative powers to her backyard, which she is transforming into a wonderland:

In addition to all this, she has another really neat “recycling” project in the works.  The before and after pictures will be posted when it’s complete.

For her fantastic nuttery, Skattur wins the Happy Acorn Award!

Yay Skattur!