this picture somehow seems relevant



What They Were Searching for When They Found Me

Louisiana in September, obscene.
How can I read an egg after a limpia?
Wretched egg.
I guess I must be flowing.

Cole slaw bad for divaticulitis.
How to handle the guest?
Mother-daughter conflict.

Transferring knowledge
Distracted studies
Broken monotony
Euphoria spiral

Master Ching Hay asked me to say names of God and focus on my inner sound:
     Yowl cat.
     A cat yowling
     Falling pigs 
     Fly pigs!
     Pig fly
     Fire alarm vaulted ceiling chirp


Master Ching Hai, plan sainthood
     Superman transformation
     I’m simply vampire
     Bite me Christopher Moore

Pirate dolls        
beading with Beady Boop.
     Slang for knitwits.
Medusa lair victims,
Sad beavers,
Little hellcat,
We need quiet time to figure things out.


(I recently discovered that WordPress has a tracker that provides you with the queries people typed in their search engines before they clicked on your blog in the results. My little keyword poetry consists of the actual queries that have been used. I’ve only added punctuation.)