The following is a sampling of conversational topics and quotes that occurred on a road trip from Memphis to Orlando:

  • The list of natural disasters and the extreme weather we’ve personally experienced this year: earthquakes, tornados, floods, torrential downpours, hail, snowstorms.


  • How seeing tornado devastation on TV and in pictures is very, very different from witnessing the magnitude of the aftermath first hand.  This conversation occurred as we drove through  Birmingham, AL and came upon the unexpected sight of a neighborhood completely leveled on one side of the highway and giant trees uprooted and piled atop one another like Lincoln Logs on the other side.


  • The differences between (and relative merits of) money markets, certificiates of deposits, bonds, stocks, and mutual funds.  This led to a debate about what we like (him) and don’t like (me)  about Dave Ramsey.


  • The role of logistics and distribution in the Memphis economy (“If the United States was a brain, Memphis would be the hypothalamus”).


  • Cell phone conversations overheard at a gas station urinal.


  • Adventures in my last bra-buying experience.


  • How to deal with difficult people.  


  • Trivia (Thanks to Mr. Write for keeping us entertained with his trivia posts).


  • What I love about my job and what annoys me.


  • Food and values.



  • A reading of David Foster Wallace’s commencement speech at Kenyon College (Thank you 101 Books) followed by various spin-off discussions on a range of topics:  what we worship and why, a debate about whether the words/advice of someone who committed suicide is valid, other artists who have committed suicide and their works and contributions.


  • Traffic.


  • Various work stories – who did what, who said what.


  • Renovations that could be made to the house if we stayed in it.


  • How taking a road trip with two cats was a lot worse in my head than it is in reality.


  • What people in passing cars are doing….followed by various spin-off discussions (e.g., whether having two kids in the backseat staring at matching screens attached to the headrests is a good idea: It keeps them occupied and quiet vs. they miss seeing a lot of the world around them, and  they interact little with each other or their parents).