Apparently this is “Turn off the TV Week.”  

I don’t have a TV in this state.  There’s a TV in the other state, but it doesn’t particularly interest me.  I decided long ago that I need better programming.

Apparently it’s also screen-free week.  Clearly we see where I am on that.  🙂 I’m not sure how I would be screen-free this week even if I wanted to. Work demands I stare at a screen.  Away from work I still spend a good deal of time staring at a computer screen or iphone screen. In fact, the last week (and likely the only week) in a decade that I’ve managed to spend  completely screen-free was in August, 2007.  Here are some of the highlights from that experience…

What an amazingly beautiful world that exists beyond the screen.  I must visit it more often.

Are you planning to step away from the screen this week?

If so, how will you spend your time?