Map of the U-Bahn


The Devil and I were in a rapidly escalating argument over who was getting whom more lost on the U-Bahn.   After what seemed like an eternity rotating around the inner circle of hell and breathing everyone else’s stale air, I’d had it. Unable to stand another moment in the vicinity of such pure evil, I stormed out of the U-Bahn. Evil followed me up the stairs grumbling the whole way about how we’d really be lost once we left his wretched underworld. We emerged from that dank hole disoriented and squinting into the brightness of all that is Berlin. With purpose, I immediately spun around and began walking rapidly to Destination Unknown while The Devil hurried after me telling my back that it was going the wrong way according to The Map. I held fast to my faith that I was indeed going in the right direction. Any direction away from him had to be the right one!  But within minutes the wind kicked up and the heavens turned dark. The sky cracked opened and out poured a deluge. Furious, I ran to the nearest shelter: a covered bus stop. Several Berliners scrambled in with their drenched clothing and sticky skin. They pressed in too close with their bikes and bags and breathing. The Devil settled in near me with a smug smile, obviously in a heightened state of schadenfreude. His expression said that we wouldn’t be in this mess if we had just stayed on the U-Bahn like he’d said. UGH! I scanned the area for an escape, and my eyes fell on The Angel of Salvation.  Across the street – a church!  I raced out into the rain like I was being chased by The Devil, which of course, I was.  When I reached the church door I flung it open to behold dozens of stone eyes staring back at me – another circle of hell – the shrine of Medusa’s victims. I crossed the threshhold to explore.

Or if you prefer the tale in pictures….

The bus stop shelter


The Angel of Salvation


Medusas Lair