I am amazed by the number of things I’m capable of forgetting and how quickly I manage to forget them. It’s a good thing I keep journals so I can find out what I’ve been up to.  Alas, sometimes even the entries I write do not help me remember. For example, I just read an entry in my travel journal that I find somewhat baffling.  I’ve shared it below with my current thoughts annotated in footnotes below the entry:


March 20, 2010

The List1

XXXX – XXXX – Tampa – Hot Springs2

1. St. Patricks DayParade

  • Ronnie Depp dinner3
  • Cheaters4

2. Books ~ Daughter of Fortune5

3. Tampa – Tanpa6

  • Fake hair ~ fairie polygamist7

4. Summer plans



  1. Lists appear frequently in my journaling because I often don’t have time to commit everything to a lengthy narrative.
  2. This is apparently the list of places I’d been that month. The first two places have been taken out for privacy.
  3. The Devil and I met friends in Hot Springs for The World’s Shortest St. Patrick’s Day Parade. “Ronnie Depp dinner” refers to the dinner we had following the parade with The Devil’s boycrush, who is a Johnny Depp impersonator.  The Devil has been stalking this man, more or less, for the last three years across the Southern United States. I suspect he is attempting to steal his soul. 
  4.  “Cheater” refers to the student I caught blatantly cheating on an exam earlier that afternoon.  I was so aggravated by the cheater’s antics that I gave her an F on the exam, told her to drop my class, and wrote a 7 page entry devoted entirely to the topic.
  5. That’s the book I was reading at the time – I was reminding myself that I needed to blog a review about it.  It was my first Isabel Allende read and I absolutely loved it.
  6. I had learned on my recent trip to Tampa that the original name of the city was “Tanpa.” I wrote this down so I could use it in the classroom to demonstrate how phonological assimilation affects language over time.
  7. This is the baffling part.  What in the world does this mean? Fake hair? Fairie polygamist?? …uhm?? Honestly, I have no idea. But apparently it was important enough to make the list of things I didn’t want to forget.