I have been remiss in my duties as SoKaN archivist.  Many confusing and strange things happened in the fall that I haven’t had time (or the desire) to write about since my last posting of the minutes many, many months ago.  I’ve been avoiding a close examination of the wreckage.  There was dust that needed to settle before an objective damage report could be made.  Plus, there were holes in my biohazard space suit that I needed to mend before I could enter the contamination zone.  Now, the holes are mended, the dust has settled and I have no excuses left not to carry out my duty, so here goes…

Artifacts Found on the Grounds of The National Ornamental Metal Museum, Memphis, TN

September 19, 2010

Pyrate Festival


Exhibit A: SoKaN's Pyrate Fest Booth


Exhibit B: Skattur's Wares


Exhibit C: Skattur's Wears


Exhibit D: Beady Bo Peep's Baubles


Exhibit E: Lil'Croche-E's Babes


Exhibit F: Beady Boop's Baubles


Exhibit G: Elitest Jerk's & Knitter Knazi's Knits


Exhibit H: Nanook's Flags & Skattur's Signs