Driving probably doesn’t come to mind when one encounters the phrase “moving meditation,” yet I’m coming to see my weekly commutes between states in just that light. The journey is a chance to be fully present in the moment and to take a look at the world around me as it unfolds.  There has been quite a lot to see in the past several weeks.  I have bore witness to life and death in this interstate drama. I have been held captive by a snow-related accident, subsequent deaths, and the surrounding human industry of that event.  I have counted and mentally catalogued animal road kill and tracked the progressive decay from week to week. (Gross, but true.) On last week’s trip  the fields had turned green within the span of just a few days as new crops sprouted.  On this week’s drive, the Bartlett pear trees had burst into bloom. And of course there are the landmarks that never seem to change – the billboard announcing that Jesus saves, which of course is right before the exit to the the girlie club.