I’ve completed one successful day as a vegetarian! Yes, I’m back to square one. And the only reason today was successful was due to a minor miracle performed by the hand of students.

Yesterday I completely blew it by eating 6 pieces of shrimp in an otherwise veggie Chinese dish. “What’s the big deal?” you may be asking yourself. Here’s the big deal:  Yesterday morning my amazing husband, who has no personal qualms with consuming potential chicken consciousness, woke up at 5:00 a.m. and prepared me a glorious breakfast of eggless chocolate cake (and we’re not talking a cake from a box here) paired with eggless ice cream that he’d bought  at some point last week.  It was all drizzled with homemade chocolate drizzley stuff and topped with whipcream.  If that’s not wholesome delicious goodness, I don’t know what is.  After that send off, I did my Monday morning commute and worked until I was too tired, hungry, and headachey to think straight, which led to me ordering the shrimp and veggies because it was easy and required no thought.  After all his hard work and accommodation to my weird personal quest, I still blew it!

Today’s dilemma was another student fund raiser.  If you’ll recall at last week’s bake sale fundraiser I ate the cupcake. In my defense, I did ask if they had any eggless treats.  Alas, they did not, so I went with the glowing, singing cupcake.  I had prepared myself to have another personal food failure  at today’s student sponsored spaghetti luncheon.  The miracle here is that the students did meatless spaghetti based solely on my “eggless treats” question.  I’m learning so much and experiencing grace daily. My students, my teachers.