Dear Supreme Master Ching Hai,

This week isn’t looking so good for enlightenment.  My psyche is still reverberating from the stress of last week, which was considerable.

I ate a cupcake yesterday, which means eggs, which means harm.  The cupcake was for a good cause — a student fundraiser bake sale for a trip (with me!) to a conference.  All very educational, so I had to buy one you see – dharma and all that. Anyway, it made no sense to waste the cupcake after I bought it, especially one that was so pretty. It was a strawberry cupcake topped with pink frosting dotted with shiney cream pearls. It didn’t just call to me; it sang.  It sang the Hallelujah Chorus while emanating a radiant corona.  Sometimes we have to make hard choices in life, but I think I did the right thing here. And it was good.  Since the damage had been done, I drank a couple glasses of wine when I got home. And they were good.

Now that I’ve broken two rules, I’m kind of on a roll, and being carried away by the momentum.  I want to do something outrageous this weekend, like eat another steak. And I’m afraid I might. As a result I’ll likely be mauled by Yip in my sleep.  I can see the headlines now: Crazy Cat Lady Eaten by Crazed Cat.  (The tabloid headlines, that is.)  Rest assured, I died happy.