Just now as I was crawling into bed, that horrible cat I live with sprang at me from out of nowhere and bit my ankle.  Shocked, I spun around to see what was going on.  Our eyes locked and instead of running, like any sane creature would that was going up against an adversary 10 times its size, she just stood there looking at me all mean with an expression that said, “Yeah, I bit you.  You want another piece of me?” and that made me mad so I looked at her mean right back. She must have interpreted that look as “Bring it!” because then she bit me again! On the foot! At which point I shrieked, “YIP!” which finally sent her running. 

Maybe this is pay back for the kharmic debt I incurred as a result of my Valentine’s Day Slaughter. It was only 4 ounces of steak! And I’ve been good today.  Still, dead is dead. 

Perhaps I underestimated her station in life – rather than Avenger of Mistreated Pets she’s Yip The Avenger of Mistreated Animals the World Over.  Then again, maybe she just had one too many lessons in her formative years from Smokey, Mandy’s cat, who according to Mandy, behaved like an abusive parent, only biting her when no one was around to witness it.

In any case, I’m up to my fourth  consecutive vegetarian day.