It just occurred to me that I have not laid eyes on another human being since I returned from my ice capade adventures Wednesday.  Despite this, I have spent a great deal of time reading the contents of many people’s minds through their books, blogs, essays, IMs, and e-mails. It’s been kinda weird and kinda nice.  This experience reminds me of the Portland Isolation Project, where the woman lived in a glass box for 30 days communicating only through social media to demonstrate the lack of privacy on the internet…except I’m not in a glass box, or in Portland, and I’m not doing this for 30 days as a performance art project. I would like to see some performance art right now.  I think I may be ready to rejoin the living world. 

 I’m on day 10 of my unbroken vegetarian stretch. Judging by the way my clothes fit, I’d estimate that I’ve lost about six pounds in the past month.  I wasn’t actually going for that, but there it is.