In mythology, the returning hero not only comes back more mature and stronger, but also brings something new that is beneficial to the community.

–Stuart Brown

Yesterday, I peed in a cup in my car on I-40.  Truckers and travelers and workers were all around trying to make their way to important destinations.  There we mostly sat waiting as people lay dying in an accident just a few cars ahead. Several stationary hours passed as the snow, completely indifferent to our collective living, dying, and aching bladders, piled up around us all. When finally we were able to move again, I had to turn back.  After a five hour journey, I wound up exactly where I began: The same, but not.

I’m still a bit sore from these lessons, but here is what I learned from the experience:

1. I have very few people who care enough to listen to my daily dramas.  These people can’t fix my problems, but  I’m extraordinarily grateful they care enough to listen and relate in some way. (I love you. Thank you.)

2. All the toilet technology in the world won’t help when you’re trapped and need to pee on the interstate in a snowstorm. Still, I think we can do better America.