Yesterday marked two weeks since the beginning of my attempts to follow The Supreme Master Ching Hai’s five guidelines for “immediate enlightenment.”

Just to recap, the guidelines are:

1) don’t hurt any living being,

 2) don’t speak what isn’t true,

3) don’t take what isn’t yours,

4) avoid sexual misconduct and

5) don’t use intoxicants such as alcohol or tobacco.

She also recommends daily meditation on light and sound – a practice that still baffles me.  

After 14 days this is what I have learned: this enlightenment stuff is exhausting. I’ve managed to meet the guidelines only eight out of the 14 days. These are not good odds!  And there are only five guidelines and a recommendation here.  It shouldn’t be that difficult. I can apparently make all the graven images I want and covet my neighbor’s wife and still be enlightened.

 Enlightenment – is it a process? a product?. What is being manufactured here and is it worth it?  We’ll have to wait and see…

Tune in tomorrow, same bat time, same bat channel.