God is in Her heaven; all is right with the world.

–Nevada Barr


What I Learned on Today’s Path


You will find spiritual guides in the most unlikely places.  Your guide may get lost. Just expect this to happen.  Sometimes you get to go along for the ride, and sometimes you have to drive.  It’s all good.

I’ve been reading today about vairagya.  And no, that’s not a medication for penile disfunction.  Vairagya is a Sanksrit term that refers to the work of letting go of whatever hinders progress. The five guidelines (especially that horrible food restriction) were and are good preparation for the larger sacrifices I need to make. 


Today’s Meditation on Light


The breathtaking scene before my eyes when I looked out at the world this morning:

What yesterday was an ordinary front yard has today hundreds of glittering diamonds strewn across its white velvet cloak.  So causally the sun tosses around her fortune.

A (Random) Burning Question


Why is our country not keeping up with Japan’s toilet technology?

Yes, I am all over the place today.