1. If you’ve spent a lot of time with a group of people, but you don’t actually talk to said people, and then one day you decide to say something, everyone may appear genuinely astounded. In fact, they might think that whatever you said was far more profound than it actually was.  They might start quoting you in various contexts, which could become a little disturbing.

2.  You may find that you’re your own best counselor when you make time to sit in silence and listen without distractions.   

3. There is an entire website devoted to cats  that look like Hitler…or “Kitler” if you prefer. 


4. It feels good to craft a gift with your own hands…even when the finished product is less than perfect.

5. Running toilets exist in their own special circle of hell.  They whisper and hiss and cast wicked aspersions that haunt you in the night.