SeniorCitizenChurchLady fell several weeks ago, which makes me wonder if I have a genetic predisposition for falling. (Evidence for this hypothesis can be found here and here). 

It’s a big deal when senior citizens fall.  Their bones are brittle.  They have ostesporisis.  It can cause them to be bed ridden. They can get pneumonia and die, especially when they have conditions like asthma,  heartburn, vertigo, a rare (but minor) irregular heartbeat, acid reflux, a hiatal hernia, skin cancer, a hurt knee and hip, and  a messed up “dododendrum” bulb. 

 (Dododendrum bulb.  Hmmm…if you plant that, will it grow in the spring? I wonder…)

SeniorCitizenChurchLady has told me several times about this fall.  When I ask her if she’s ok, she runs down the list of her conditions.  (List making also runs in the genes, obviously).  Then this odd exchange occurrs:

Me: Ok, but can you walk?

SeniorCitizenChurchLady:   Yes, but you  know John Ritter killed himself like that.

Me: Um?

SeniorCitizenChurchLady:  By falling.

Me: He…killed himself…?…by…falling? I don’t think so.

SeniorCitizenChurchLady: Yeah, he did.

Me: I thought I heard that his death had something to do with his heart…

SeniorCitizenChurchLady: It did.  He fell, and then fell again, and it ripped stuff –  in his heart – and he died.