As you might have guessed from my previous post, I fell again. At work, again. This happened yesterday morning at 8:28 a.m.  I was alone this time, so I can’t blame it on a chattering relative.  Instead, I’ll blame it on a wardrobe malfunction combined with a broken sidewalk.  I was headed to a meeting on the other side of campus when I noticed my shirt was unlaced.  (Yes, my shirt has a lace, shush.) I was attempting to tie the lace back into a bow when the sidewalk tripped me and I came crashing down on my left knee – BAM! I immediately tried to stand up  before anyone  (God forbid) saw. My left knee was on fire and felt all jangly, so I put all my weight on my right leg and attempted to pop right up like nothing happened. Nope! Nothing to see here!  Unfortunately, in doing this quick and funky maneuver I pulled a muscle in my right knee and crashed back down from the pain of that….you know, so if anyone had missed the first fall, they could catch the instant replay? I sat there for a minute clutching both knees and wanting to cry as a wave of nausia swept over me. I broke out into a cold sweat while I fought back the urge to vomit.   When that feeling passed, I pulled up my pants leg (no panty show this time!) to assess the damage. It wasn’t pretty.  Next, I assessed the scene and realized I had no witnesses, which was both a relief and a disappointment.  On one hand,this was good –  no one could laugh at me.  The downside was that I had no one to cuss at.  Dammit!  Can I get a witness?  So I got my phone out and took a picture  of the nasty thing because people really needed to see it. I sat there awhile longer sending pixels into space…or something like that…until I received enough sympathy to get myself off the pavement.  Finally I got up and hobbled over to a bench and thought about how to proceed.  I called campus police and told them what happened.  They basically said if they had to come, they were bringing an ambulance.  I was horrified by that idea so I told them, no thanks, I don’t require that much fanfare. I hobbled back to my department, where I filled out an incident report. When I took the paper into my chair’s office so he could sign it, I tripped over his doorjam and went stumbling in the room, nearly toppling over a chair in the process (the chair’s chair).    From there, I went to the campus clinic.  They were too busy to have me checked out by a doctor, but the nurse gave me a tetnus shot, which resulted in my blood being splattered across her desk.  I went back to the clinic this morning.  The doctor told me I was going to live.