The Knitters & Nutters Report

Volume 14


The Society of Knitters & Nutters (SoKaN) convened for their fourteenth meeting on Monday, August 23, 2010.

The following Knit Wits were in attendance:  Nanook, Knitter Knazi, Skattur, Elitist Jerk, Rainbow, Rainbow’s Knitting Boyfriend, and Zombie Lover.

The following Nutters were in attendance: Lil’Croche-E, LC, Pizza Box Quilter, Beady Boop, and Beady Bo Peep.

Project/Progress Notes

Though we thought it was done weeks ago, LC continued crocheting her transformer hat/purse and in the process discovered yet another use for this item:  candy dish cozy.

LC's transformer hat-purse-candydish cozy

LC's transfomer hat-purse-candy dish cozy

LC's transformer hat, purse, candydish cozy

Skattur wowed everyone with her creative genius and innovation this week when she modeled her pirate costume for Pyrate Fest 2010. Take a look at her get-up below.  The hat was once a boring black hat, but she fancied it up into a flamboyant creation.  The shirt she bought at a thrift store for under $5.00.  She cut the sleeves and added the ribbons to make it pyrate-sexy.  The vest she had hanging in her closet.  She just added buttons and ribbons.  And the black and white striped bustle? It was an old dress someone gave her.  Note her boot cuffs. She knitted them! 

Skattur's pyrate hat

Skattur's pyrate costume

Elitist Jerk knitted a grey hat and black striped hat, which is modeled by Little Dude below. She also finished two other hats this week and began making another.  She has become completely unruly with the hat making.

Jerk's hat & Bop's bracelet

Another of Jerk's hats

Another of Jerk's hats

That little skull bracelet on Little Dude (pictured above) was made by Beady Bo Peep.  She also finished a couple necklaces, a bracelet and another keychain this week.

Bo Peep's necklace

Bo Peep's necklace

Beaded Baubles by Beady Bo Peep

Knitter Knazi finished another scarf in Caribbean sunset colors.

Knazi's scarf

Pizza Box Quilter continued work on her awesome quilting creations.

Lil’Croche-E crocheted black sleeves.

Nanook made a lighthouse prayer handkerchief scripted with Bible verses of light.

Rainbow, Zombie Knitter, and Rainbow’s Boyfriend knitted just for the sake of knitting.

Beady Boop was just there to watch, model, and find innovative uses for LC’s crocheted creation.