The Knitters & Nutters Report

Volume 13


The Society of Knitters & Nutters (SoKaN) convened for their thirteenth meeting on Monday, August 16, 2010.

The following Knit Wits were in attendance:  Nanook, Knitter Knazi, Skattur, Elitist Jerk, Rainbow, and Rainbow’s Knitting Boyfriend. 

The following Nutters were in attendance: Lil’Croche-E, LC, and Nutter525.

The following Belly Dancers were in attendance: Samra of Desert Rose Dance, Bead Dancer and Belly Dancer 6.

The cast from A Stitch Away was in attendance: Stitch Owner, Stitch Keeper, Stitch the Cat, Stitch the Knitting Teacher, Stitch the Crocheter.

Stitch the Cat

The Setting


The folks at A Stitch Away were nice enough to let SoKaN and Desert Rose Dance take over the shop after hours for  another joint venture of crafting and belly dancing.   A Stitch Away is an independently owned crafts shop in Millington that sells fabric, yarn, and other crafting goodies. They also offer classes in knitting. I think we bought the store out of size 25 knitting needles (they were all the rage as SoKaN members seem to be in constant competition to see who can acquire the biggest needles).  If you haven’t been by the shop, you should go check it out!

Project/Progress Notes


Elitist Jerk finished a knitted hat and continued on in a hat making frenzy. 

Nanook the Barbarian began knitting a Christmas scarf.

Nutter525 continued crocheting on her computer insides bed thingy.

Lil’ Crochet-E frustrated herself over crocheted sleeves.

Knitter Nazi wandered around in a daze for most of the night.

LC continued working on her pink hat.

Rainbow and Rainbow’s Boyfriend both knitted black things, which they later unraveled.

The Food


Barbecue pizza, boston cream cake,  and sweet tea.