The Knitters & Nutters Report

Volume 12


The Society of Knitters & Nutters (SoKaN) convened for their twelfth meeting on Monday, August 9, 2010 at The Haystack.

The following Knit Wits were in attendance:  Knitter Knazi, Skattur, Elitist Jerk, and Rainbow.  Also joining the Knit Wits this week were ZombieLover and Rainbow’s Knitting Boyfriend. 

The following Nutters were in attendance: Lil’Croche-E, Nanook, LC (former, JustHereToWatch), Beady Boop, Pizza Box Quilter, and Nutter525.

The following Belly Dancers were in attendance: Samra of Desert Rose Dance, Bead Dancer (formerly Bellydancer 1), Crochet Dancer (formerly Bellydancer 4), and Belly Dancers 2, 5, and 6.

The following Interlopers were in attendance: Bob the Knitter. I think I also saw Puddin’ the Beader and maybe Beady Stevie, but I’m not sure because neither said “present” when I called the roll.   Ok, I didn’t call roll, but maybe I should have because I’m starting to lose track here.

It wasn’t actually planned it this way, but somehow it wound up being Family Night.  Thus, the following family members were in attendance:  Bob the Knitter brought Ms. Bob the Knitter and their children Bob Jr., Crocheting Cutie, and CutiePatootie.  Many SoKaN spouses also attended, including: Mr. Skattur, Pepe the Pyrate, and Mr. Pizza Box Quilter.

Project/Progress Notes


Skattur made a crew of bug pirates. These cute creatures with their saucy sayings (Wanna shiver me timbers?) will be sold at Pyrate Fest 2010!

Skattur's Pyrate Bugs

Beady Boop completed several items in her Sand and Surf Collection. These too will be sold at the festival.

Beady Boops Sand & Surf Collection

Nanook had a milestone birthday this week.  She was horrified when I asked her if I could tell the world exactly which milestone birthday this was.  Instead she said I could give people a math problem to solve that would lead them to the answer, if they were THAT interested.  So here’s the problem: 

Train A leaves the Westford Station traveling 71 miles per hour. At the same time, Train B leaves the Eastford Station traveling 67 miles per hour.  The stations are 442 miles apart.  The trains race towards certain collision on the same track. There is a fly buzzing back and forth between the trains.  How much time and distance will pass before the fly winds up in someone’s soup?

Despite it being Nanook’s birthday, she was the one doling out the presents.  She presented Bob the Knitter and family with a Bible, Pepe the Pyrate with a pirate dart gun, and Knitter Knazi with a pirate dart gun, Halloween hat and bat glasses.

Knazi dons Halloween hat and glasses

Nanook’s handkerchief creations took a wild spin this week, from prayer to pirate.

Nanook's Pyrate Hankie Flag with Iridescent Streamers

Elitist Jerk, refusing to be outdone by Knitter Knazi and her hats, began knitting in the round for the first time this week to make a hat of her own.  In an effort to “one-up” Knazi’s knitting, Jerk’s hat features a skull-and-crossbones design. (Damn her!)

Knitter Knazi managed to follow a pattern this week to complete a gantlet. (So take that, Jerk!) 

Pizza Box Quilter worked on a fabulous quilt.

Pizza Box Quilter at work

LC continued practicing her new stitches to create a new item in SoKaN’s Transformer Collection: a hat-lampshade.

LC's Lampshade-Hat

Lil’ Croch-E began crocheting sleeves – an item that will be exceptionally cool for fashion-forward belly dancers and pyrates alike. She also gave a short crochet lesson to Crocheting Cutie, Bob’s daughter.

Nutter525 made belly dancers and pyrate plans.  She’s also working on crocheting a blanket inspired by the insides of a computer.

Nutter525's blanket

Rainbow, Rainbow’s Knitting Boyfriend, and ZombieLover and practiced their stitches this week.

Rainbow's Knitting Boyfriend

Rainbow's Knitting Boyfriend


Rainbow & Zombie Knitter Being Cute

The Food

The Haystack’s fare: hamburgers, fries, onion rings, chicken tenders.  They also served up some beef stroganoff that looked and smelled amazing.

The Conversation

The SoKaN reporter tuned out everyone’s discussions.

Next SoKaN Meeting

The next meeting will be held at A Stitch Away in Millington. 

Samra will also be teaching a beginner’s belly dancing class there — $10 for those interested.