Sorry Knitters & Nutters, this blog isn’t about you – it’s all about me. 


I’ve officially reached my self-imposed “Get Back to Work” deadline. The next two weeks will be spent in transition from my crazy and carefree knitting belly dancer persona into my serious and dowdy professor persona.  This is a complex metamorphosis that requires a dark cocoon of solitude, for these are vastly different facets of my being, the in-between stages of which are better left shrouded behind a veil of mystery. (They’re not pretty.)

For some reason, my glasses are an integral part of this transformation.  This phenomenon is something akin to Clark Kent ditching the glasses when he becomes Superman. Simply put, The Professor wears the glasses; The Belly Dancer does not….except for that one unfortunate episode October 25, 2007, when The Professor and The Belly Dancer both showed up on stage together during a performance.  That night, the Professor had rushed straight to the venue after work, changed into a belly dance costume, and then fired up her laptop in the dressing room to complete unfinished reports while she waited for her part in the show.  The Professor continued working – glasses firmly affixed to face – right up until it was show time for The Belly Dancer.  The Belly Dancer took the stage.  The music began.  She shimmied, turned, posed and flirted. Mid-performance, awash in the warm glow of stage lights and audience adoration, The Belly Dancer was executing a fabulous hip drop, eyes downcast at said hip in an oh-so-coy fashion, when she noticed something didn’t look quite right. It suddenly dawned on her that she was wearing The Professor’s glasses.  On stage. Oh the horror. Then came the internal dialogue:

The Bellydancer: What are YOU doing here?!

The Professor: Well I was working until YOU dragged me out here.

The two argued over whose fault it was while some third persona giggled madly over it all.  There was quite a lot going on behind that bespectacled dancer’s smile that night.  Somehow though, we all made it through the dance.  Needless to say, The Belly Dancer and The Professor don’t usually see eye-to-eye even though they sometimes look through the same glasses.  This is why I am allowing myself ample transition time.

Anyway, I’m telling you all this to prepare you.  In the near future I may become snappish, sullen, absent, or just plain weird.  If at this point you’re wondering, “Yeah? How’s that any different from your norm?” then fear not, for you know me well enough that it probably won’t matter.