The Knitters & Nutters Report

Volume 11

 The Society of Knitters & Nutters (SoKaN) convened for their eleventh meeting on Monday, August 2, 2010. 

The following Knit Wits were in attendance:  Knitter Knazi, Skattur, Elitist Jerk.

The following Nutters were in attendance: Lil’Croche-E, Nanook, JustHereToWatch, Beady Boop, Beady Bo Peep, Rainbow, Pizza Box Quilter, Plus One, New Beader, and Nutter525.

The following Belly Dancers & Interlopers were in attendance: Belly Dancers 1-5, Puddin’ the Beader, Beady Stevie, Bob the Knitter, Biker Dude.

The Setting


This week SoKaN took our crafting antics on the road and hit The Haystack, a bar and grill in Millington.  In the process, we crashed a belly dance lesson hosted by Samra of Desert Rose Dance Company, which was also being held at The Haystack that evening.   Between both groups of ladies, I’m sure we thoroughly confused the unsuspecting fellas in attendance.   I’m not entirely sure how “unsuspecting” the fellas were since one was so bold as to inquire about the “boobie lights,” which he had apparently read about on Facebook?!  Somehow the word had traveled.  Anyway, it turns out the Haystack is an awesome place for crafting and dancing – lots of space, good lighting, an incredibly accommodating staff, and they have yummy cheese burgers and fries!

The Belly Dancers & Interlopers


The Belly Dancers

It turns out that knitting in a bar is a great way to make a variety of new friends.  Belly Dancers 1-3 meandered around before and after the dance lesson looking at everyone’s crafts and sharing stories. 

Belly Dancer 4 taught JustHereToWatch several new crochet stitches, which JustHere practiced throughout the evening.  It seems JustHereToWatch will have to have a new name now.  Any suggestions?

A few Interlopers also meandered about curiously. 

The Interlopers

Biker Dude wandered around inspecting everyone’s crafts.  He ended up in a debate over the finer points of Christian symbolism with Nanook. (By the way Nanook’s full name is Nanook the Barbarian, Warrior for Christ. I’m just telling you so you know that she means serious business when it comes to Jesus.)

Beady Stevie stopped by Beady Bo Peep’s and New Beader’s table to introduce himself and chat.  At first it seemed he was intrigued by the lovely ladies. However, over the course of the evening his more nefarious intentions became clear: he had to get his hands on those bead working tools.  He wound up sitting at the table focused intensely on stringing beads. 

Beady Stevie Makes a Keychain

Puddin’ the Beader went out of his way, risking life and limb to secure adequate lighting for us.  (Ladders and beer are a frightful combination.) As you may have guessed by his name, Puddin’ also ended up engaged in beadwork before the evening was over. 

Beady Stevie & Puddin' the Beader


Bob the Knitter received a knitting lesson from Skattur, the continental knitter of the group.   She explained to him, “I knit different than everyone else.” To which he replied, “Me too!”  He demonstrated his knitting proclivity with his new invention, The Bob Stitch.

Bob the Knitter's Lesson


Bob the Knitter - Can he knit it? Yes he can!

Project/Progress Notes


Rainbow finished knitting a nutter sack  for her SoKaN supplies.   She later discovered her nutter sack could also be used as an instrument to torment Beady Bo Peep.

Rainbow's Nutter Sack

Nutter Sack, Instrument of Torment

Pizza Box Quilter is one of the few of us who actually knows what she’s doing as you’ll see in the pictures below.  She continued on with her quilting creation this week and wowed us with her embroidery and applique work.

Pizza Box Quilter's quilting

Pizza Box Quilter's quilting

Beady Bo Peep and New Beader managed to complete lots of  pirate key chains for the festival with the help of the Interlopers.

Beady Bo Peep, New Beader, Beady Stevie & Puddin' the Beader's creations

Skattur rocked the skull-and-crossbone pattern this week in her knits.  She too is designing fabulous creations for SoKaN’s Transformer Collection.  Take a look below at her pyrate wristband/beer cozy, which she’s creating in black and in brown.

Skattur's Transformer Wristband-Beer Cozy in black

Skattur's Wristband-Beer Cozy

Brown wrist band in progress

Knitter Knazi finished two creations this week: a hat that is just a hat and a scarf in the Transformer Collection. The scarf is actually three scarves that can be worn separately or braided together, for a total of four different looks.

Knazi's Transformer Scarf Version 1

Knazi's Transformer Scarf Version 2

Knazi's Transformer Scarf Version 3

Knazi's Transformer Scarf Version 4

Knazi's Hat -- it's just a hat

Nanook completed a new prayer handkerchief, which she gave to interloper, Bob the Knitter.   This prayer hankie was presented after he got down on his knees and let her pray with him. Her earnest prayer began, “Lord, you know Bob…” I didn’t catch the rest of it because her voice was drowned out by a chorus of crazed giggles – not all of which were Bob’s.

Nanook & Bob the Knitter with Beer & Prayer Hankie

Elitist Jerk completed a fancy new scarf.  She also unraveled the scarf she created last week and is now working on two different skull-and-crossbone scarves.

Elitist Jerk's Scarf

Lil’Croche-E continued working on the pirate dolls.  She also had a knitting lesson from Plus One, Skattur, and Knitter Knazi, the confusion of which resulted in her creating a brand new stitch!

Beady Boop came in rolling that suitcase full of beads again.  She spent nearly the entire meeting spreading them out and organizing them.  Near the end, she almost made a  necklace.

JustHereToWatch went to town practicing her new stitches learned from Belly Dancer 4.

Nutter525 created belly dancers and lyrics this week.

Plus One turned Nutter and took a belly dance lesson, then created classroom information packets.

The Food

The Haystack’s fare: burgers, fries, chicken tenders, and beer.

The Conversation

There were too many topics to even go into it all.  I’ll include some notable quotes.

“Hey! Look Bob!  I got two beads and a skull!”   –Puddin’ the Beader


(On the topic of the prayer hankie)

Bob the Knitter:  How am I going to explain this to my wife?

Nanook: Tell her you went to a prayer meeting after work.


(On the topic of the interlopers)

Beady Boop: Maybe they need to start a men’s chapter of SoKaN.

Elitist Jerk:  They will all want to be Nutters.


“I was there to be cute and supportive and eat.”  — Rainbow on what she did at the last SoKaN meeting.

Next SoKaN Meeting

We’ll be back at The Haystack next week — if they let us come…