The Knitters & Knutters Report

Volume 8


The Society of Knitters & Nutters (SOKAN) convened for their eighth meeting on Monday, July 12, 2010.

The following Knit Wits were in attendance:  Knitter Knazi, Skattur, and Elitist Jerk

The following Nutters were in attendance: Lil’Croche-E,  Nanook,  JustHereToWatch, Beady Boop, and Beady Bo Peep.

Project/Progress Notes


Lil’Croche-E finished the much-anticipated pirate doll.  She began another.

Pirate Doll

Beady Boop completed a bracelet.

Bracelet by Beady Boop

Beady Bo Peep sat around mortified (or horrified) (or both) by the conversation.  She wasn’t sure what to work on at first, but she finally decided on a keychain.  She did her best to ignore the rest of us.

The Elistist Jerk brought her quilting work to show us the progress.  The quilt is shown below.  However, she did not work on the quilt tonight.  Instead she transitioned to Knit Wit!  She brought two really pretty skeins of yarn to begin a scarf.  Skattur and I warned her that she might want to practice a bit before she began her scarf to make sure she had a handle on those new stitches she made up on her last attempt at knitting.  (Besides, neither of us wanted to have to stop and untie her when she knit her shoelaces to her scarf.)  After three hours of knitting and unraveling, knitting and unraveling, knitting and unraveling she went home.

Elitist Jerk's Stitching

Skattur continued working on the Knit Wit flag.

Nanook continued with the prayer handkerchief production.

Nanook's Latest Prayer Hanky

JustHereToWatch crocheted tonight!!

Knitter Knazi began knitting…something…in lambswool.  She wasn’t sure what because the yarn hadn’t told her yet.

Knatzi's Unidentified Knitting

Next SoKaN Meeting

The next SoKaN meeting will be Monday, July 26, 2010 at 6:30 at the usual spot.  If you need directions, email me.

The Food

This week there was taquittos, nacho cheese, chicken salad, fresh fruit and veggies, raspberry tea, and bruschetta.

The Bruschetta that Nobody Liked


More Yummies

The Conversation

Peculiar Dreams. That’s all I have to say about that.