The Knitters & Knutters Report

Volume 6


The Society of Knitters & Knutters (SOKAN) convened for their sixth meeting on Monday, June 28, 2010.

The following Knit Wits were in attendance:  Knitter Knazi, Nanook and Plus One (formerly NewKnitWit1).

The following Knutters were in attendance: Lil’Croche-E, Elitist Jerk, Nanook, Rainbow, and JustHereToWatch.

The Knutters continue their conspiring.  When the Knitter Knazi arrived, much scrambling,  shushing, and stashing ensued among their ranks.  The Knit Wit’s Intelligence Department has ascertained that the Knutters are making a super secret flag of their own, though the specifics have not been obtained at press time.


Project/Progress Notes


Nanook has completed a couple more of her prayer handkerchiefs.  She complained that she has grown tired (literally) of making the prayer handkerchiefs.  Because she frequently falls asleep as she crafts them, this week she decided to rejoin the Knit Wits in knitting in hopes this change will keep her awake.

Nanook's Prayer Handkerchief

Nanook's Prayer Handkerchief

Nanook's Prayer Handkerchief

Rainbow brought a stack of crocheted eye patches. She continued on with her crochet work.

Lil’Croche-E came with a body bag of monkey parts. 

Monkey Body Bag



Plus One completed her knitted pouch this week and began a purse in autumnal hues for the fall. Despite reports of aggression and hostility from the Memphis Knit Mafia, Plus One remains optimistic (if not downright quixotic), insisting “Knitters are nice. people.”  She knows this to be true because she read it in a book. 

"It's true because I read it in a book." -- Plus One

The Elitist Jerk installed a “boob light” within her ample bosom to better see her stitches.  She put the blue quilt aside this week in favor of beginning her new project, a pink camouflage quilt.  Before the end of the night however, Elitist Jerk asked Knitting Knazi for a knitting refresher course.  She excelled at her lessons quickly.  Having mastered the basics, Jerk moved on to  invent brand new stitches…

New stitch invented by Jerk. Yep, you saw it here first.

…and to creatively incorporate new materials…

Knitting Knazi is working on the next project in her line of transformer fashions.  This project is comprised of three long, narrow scarves of different shades.  When complete, the mini-scarves may be braided together to transform into a large multicolored scarf.

Conversation this week spanned from the SoKaN’s rivals, the Memphis Knit Mafia (MKM), who is marking territory through Memphis (see MFM’s flash below), to the gruesome details of gall bladder operations and hip replacement surgeries.  We also discussed a marketing/vending opportunity at an upcoming festival in September.

Memphis Knit Mafia's knitting graffiti


MFM strikes again.

The Food


This week there was a baked chicken, broccoli, and noodle dish, sausage quiche, Oreo Cookies ®, and sweet tea.