“Pay attention bitches cause there will be a test.”


I recently finished reading Bite Me, Christopher Moore’s spoof on vampire novels. This is his third and most recent in a series of vampire tales. I haven’t read the first two because I’m simply not that organized. However, rest assured that I’ll be reading them soon because he makes me happy with his goth girl characters who wear complex eye makeup and say things like, “Your shit cannot be shaken” to stoic police officers in the aftermath of a murderous rampage committed by Chet the huge shaved vampyre cat who is terrorizing San Francisco. 

Bite Me has all sorts of bizarre plot twists and hysterical dialogue and ridiculous characters.  It even features a cameo appearance from some of my favorite characters from Moore’s book A Dirty Job, which was also fabulously funny.  If that’s not enough to convince you to read his work, consider this:  He uses words like toil and spangled.