The Knitters & Knutters Report

Volume 5


The Society of Knitters & Knutters (SOKAN) convened for their fifth meeting on Monday, June 21, 2010.

The following Knit Wits were in attendance: Skattur, Stitch Witch (aka Knitter Knazi), and NewKnitWit 1.

The following Knutters were in attendance: Lil’Croche-E (formerly, Crocheter 1), Elitist Jerk (formerly Quilter 1), Beady Boop (formerly Beader 1), Beady Bo Peep (formerly Beader 2), Nanook (Defector), and Rainbow (Defector), and I’mJustHereToWatch (?!).

Project/Progress Notes


A new member, NewKnitWit 1, joined us for the first time today. (Yay!) She worked on a pouch of some sort (I think). 

The Elitist Jerk brought the completed surface layer of her quilt to the meeting.  She recruited Lil’Croche-E and Skattur to assist her in pinning the remaining layers together.  Some 300 pins were used.

Lil’Croche-E retaught Rainbow how to do the single crochet stitch.  She had to leave early because I’mJustHereToWatch locked her keys in her car and had to be taken to retrieve a spare key.  However, Lil’Croche-E brought all her finished projects to date: scarf, hat, and giraffe. 

Hat, scarf, and giraffe crocheted by Lil'Croche-E



Skattur flitted around helping everyone else do stuff.  She’s currently working on a yoga mat bag. She also completed a pair of furry flip flops this week.

Skattur's Furry Flip Flops

Beady Boop (boop-boop-be-doop!) spent the entire meeting getting her beads organized.

Beady Bo Peep had to remake her bracelet because the beads fell off. After she made it for the second time, the beads fell off again.

Nanook announced that she’d sold a prayer handkerchief! She began work on another handkerchief.

Rainbow crocheted an….eyepatch?

Stitch Witch (aka Knitter Knazi) sewed a pocket-visor on the purse-hat and presented it to Skattur as a gift.  (See images below of the purse-hat in both its transformer states.)  That project complete, she began working on a transformer scarf.


Lil'Dude Sports the purse-hat as a hat

Skattur models the purse-hat as a purse


The Food


We had mini quiche, mini cheesecake, vanilla almond tea, and amazing banana pudding.

Recipes by Lunar

Yeah, you read that heading right, now hush.  I can knit and cook if I want!  In fact, I am rapidly becoming a veritable domestic goddess, merci beaucoup.  Here are the recipes for the tea and the pudding.

Vanilla Almond Tea

This tea was the product of a Nanook experiment.  I happened to be there the day the magic happened, so I figured I’d include the recipe in this post.





Vanilla extract

Almond extract

1 Can of frozen lemon juice


First, make your tea the usual way and add the usual amount of sugar.  Then stir in frozen lemon juice, vanilla extract, and almond extract in small quantities until it tastes like you want it to. 

*Important Note* before you totally decide whether to add more of anything, take a sip and give it a minute, then forget about it, then sip it again and decide what more, if anything, it needs.  Trust me on this one — the first sip doesn’t count when judging the flavor, but the second sip does.

Amazing Banana Pudding

This pudding recipe doesn’t contain ingredients with hydrogenated oils, which is rare in the banana pudding world. In case you’ve been living under a rock and haven’t heard this yet, hydrogenated oils are man-made oils chemically altered with hydrogen.  These oils are also known as trans fats and are used in lots of manufactured foods (e.g., crackers, cookies, margarine, fast foods, etc.) for longer shelf life.  Long story short: your body really doesn’t know how to deal with this sort of stuff.  

 I have yet to find a brand of vanilla wafer that doesn’t contain hydrogenated oil, so instead of wafers I use Pepperidge Farm Chessmen Cookies, which are full of wholesome butter and sugar, which the body can naturally metabolize. Yes, I know I sound like a weird comercial. But really these cookies are yummy and transfatless.

Also, I make the pudding from scratch.  Have you ever read the label of one of those pudding boxes? I haven’t found a brand that doesn’t contain monoglyceride, another transfat.  I can already hear the public outcry  – “Who cares? It’s a dessert! Dessert is SUPPOSED to be bad for you that’s what makes it so tasty!” Well you g’head with your quick and easy cellulite-inducing fake food ingredients if you must, but don’t come crying to me when your LDL cholesterol is off the charts and you have Type 2 Diabetes and heart disease, because I’ll just tell you, “I told you so.” Besides, I’ll be much too busy burning calories as I shimmy over a hot stove stirring my homemade tasty pudding while playing word games on my iPhone. And yes, that’s exactly how it happened.  How’s that for multitasking? Enough! Here’s the recipe.

Pudding Ingredients

½ cup of flour

1 1/3 cups of sugar

a quick sprinkle of salt

3 egg yolks

3 cups of milk

1 Tsp vanilla extract

2 packages of Pepperidge Farm Chessmen Cookies

6 bananas

Meringue Ingredients

4 egg whites – room temperature

¼ cup + 2 Tbs sugar

1 Tsp vanilla extract


  1. Mix up the flour, sugar, salt in a saucepan.
  2. In a bowl, beat egg yolks and milk together.
  3. Add eggs and milk to the saucepan stuff.
  4. Stir that up and cook it over medium heat until it is smooth and thick.  You have to stir this stuff constantly while it’s cooking or it will stick to the bottom of the pan and burn and become gloopey and you’ll have something more akin to dumplings than pudding, but hey, if you want to make banana dumplings, be my guest.
  5. Remove from heat at add the vanilla extract.
  6. Get a casserole dish and line the bottom with a layer of Chessmen. Slice two bananas on top of the Chessmen.  Drizzle 1/3 of the pudding mix on top of all that.  Repeat this process for two more layers: cookies, bananas, pudding.
  7. Make the meringue beat the egg whites (they need to be at room temperature) until they get all foamy.  Gradually add the sugar while you’re beating the eggs and eventually stiff peaks will form.  Add the vanilla and beat that up ‘til it’s blended.  Spread the meringue over the stuff in the casserole dish.  Seal it to the edges of the pan.  If you want it to be pretty, you can take a spatula and pull little peaks up.
  8. Bake at 425 for 10-12 minutes until it’s golden brown.