Special Report

There is unrest within the Society. Several have defected from the Knit Wits to join the ranks of the Knutters.  It is becoming difficult for the Knit Wits to maintain minority rule as the Knutters grow ever more unwieldy.  The insurgents are making increasingly outrageous demands. Their cries ring out:  

“What kind of name is Beader 1?“ 

“Yeah! We want to name ourselves!”

“Lies! The knitter tells cupcake lies!”

“Burn the stitch witch! Burn her!!”

In addition to the internal unrest, extrinsic threats exist.  The Memphis Knit Mafia, a rival knitting group with substantial numbers, is marking territory throughout the city.

The Knitters must work to reestablish autocratic rule.  The flag must be complete and the Knutters must swear their allegiance. The Mafia must be infiltrated. A campaign must be established to recruit new Knit Wits into the Society.