The Knitters & Knutters Report

Volume 4

The Society of Knitters & Knutters (SOKAN) convened for their fourth meeting on Monday, June 14, 2010.

The following Knit Wits were in attendance: Skattur and Knitter Knazi.

The following Knutters were in attendance: Elitist Jerk, and Beady Boop (formerly Beader 1, but she insisted on a new name), Nanook, and Rainbow.

Project Progress Notes


Nanook arrived complaining about being “cut-off” after “only” two drinks at Abuelo’s.  She then set to work on embellishing her prayer handkerchiefs.  ~giggle~

The Elitist Jerk continued sewing all her squares together. 

Rainbow continued practicing her new crochet skills.

Beady Boop (Boop-boop-be-doop) attempted to make a beaded strawberry pendant from clay and tiny red beads, which ended up as a totally unstrawberry-like, wiener-looking thing, which elicited my favorite quote of the evening: “Hey! She’s stabbing my wiener!”  (A picture of the wiener pendant, though not the wiener stabbing, *may* be forthcoming if I get permission to use it. 

Knitter Knazi, worked on knitting the latest item in her Transformer fashion line: the ascot-cummerbund.  Oh yes, she’s bringing sexy back.

In other news, SoKaN’s gang sign was established so that we may easily recognize members on the streets. There was discussion of strange courting rituals of the 70’s and 80’s, and 90’s, which included the topic of young men who wore clip on earrings to attract the ladies.  There was also a lively…um…debate (?) about sex, lies, and betrayal.

The Food


Quite the spread this week: blackberry wine, champagne, mini quiches, chicken salad and veggie salad on crackers, mini-cheese cakes, and blueberries.