The Knitters & Knutters Report

Volume 2


The Society of Knitters & Knutters (SOKAN) convened for their second meeting on Monday, May 31, 2010.

The following Knit Wits were in attendance: Skattur, Nanook, Rainbow, and moi, otherwise known as “The Knitter Knazi.”

The following Knutters were in attendance: Quilter, who is unsatisfied with her alias and who wants to be referred to as “Elitist Jerk” hereafter, Crocheter, Beader 1, and Beader 2.

The Story of My Failed Travel Attempts

If you’re keeping up, you may be wondering why I was present at the meeting after I said I wouldn’t be as I was going Florida learning to make socks.  Long story short: The Fates intervened and decided it wasn’t happening.  The long sordid tale follows, which you may want to skip if you’ve already heard me tell it again and again and again.  Or perhaps you’ll want to read it because you revel in hearing about the details of my disappointments.  Whichever, suit yourself.

Failed Attempt # 1

We arrive at the airport around 12:15 for our 2:05 flight.  We were prompted at the kiosk that we must check in with an attendant.  Who knows why; we certainly weren’t told after waiting in line for an available attendant for 15 minutes, nor as we stood before the attendant as she typed and made faces at her computer for a solid 20 minutes as she studied Joe’s ticket. Inexplicably, that mystery was suddenly over and she handed us our tickets.

So we go stand in line for security, which is forever long.  Finally it’s our turn to have our documents scrutinized. Joe breezes on through, but I get stopped because apparently I am oh-so-very-threatening with my last name.  The last name on my ticket didn’t perfectly match up with the last name on my license (legally my last name is hyphenated, but the DMV doesn’t do hyphenations).  The ticket was in my “maiden” name, while my license has my maiden name as my middle name and last name as the married name.  I get escorted back to the attendant so she can change the name on my ticket to match my license.  Six phone calls, countless keystrokes, and 40 minutes later, the attendant unsympathetically tells me I’m going to have to take the next flight out, which leaves in five hours.  ARG!  So I grumble over to an airport bar and grill where I’m served ballpark nachos with detergent guacamole and a glass of wine bearing someone else’s lipstick print on the rim — all ridiculously overpriced, of course. I fume. Joe calls his mom to come get us.  She does.  We go to a bookstore and I buy a knitting book which makes the world a better place for a moment.  We go sit and drink tea and then finally it’s time to go back to the airport. 

Failed Attempt # 2

We’re in the car, on the interstate, one exit away from the airport for our 7:00 flight when the phone rings to tell us our flight is two ours delayed. We turn off the interstate and contemplate our next move. 

Failed Attempt # 3

It is decided we will have dinner, so we head to Perkins.  The service is slow, but the blackberry pie is good.  We wait and wait and wait for the check.  Time ticks away; we need to get back to the airport.  Finally, the check comes. We head out to the car.  The car won’t start. The battery is dead. 

Failed Attempt # 4

We call Joe’s grandmother and get her out of bed to come get us to take us to the airport for our 9:00 flight.  She comes. We rush to the airport. We get there and we manage to get through security without a lot of drama this time around.  We’re waiting at the gate when the announcement is made that the flight is 30 minutes delayed.  Fine, fine…we wait. Thirty minutes pass.  The plane hasn’t arrived yet.  Ten more minutes pass, the plane has arrived.  We wait.  At 9:45 the gatekeeper announces that the flight has been cancelled…oh wait correction:  It’s not cancelled.  It’s delayed until tomorrow morning at 6:00 a.m. 

Of course if it had been cancelled we could get a refund, so “delayed” works better for Delta Airline’s policies. 

To hell with Delta Airline’s policies — I’m done! I’m not going! I want a refund!  But that is another long and infuriating story in itself, the experience of which took up hours of my life.  I did finally manage get my refund however.

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Notes on Project Progress

At tonight’s meeting, Nanook completed her bright yellow um…potholder? She then learned to crochet from Crocheter 1 and proceeded to add crocheted embellishments to her work.

Nanook's Embellished Potholder

Skattur continued working on her scarf in her weird continental style of knitting she does.

The KnitterKnazi sewed the strap-scarf on her purse-hat, but sewed it on incorrectly so she had to undo everything she did.  Skattur claimed the purse-hat as her birthday gift when it’s completed.

Rainbow continued working on her….potholder(?) in rainbow colors

Rainbow's Potholder

Crocheter finished crocheting the length of her rainbow scarf and began a hat to match. It looked like a rainbow yarmulke, but she insists it will be a complete hat when she gets it finished.

Beader 2 worked on — and completed a bracelet to wear to a wedding. 

Beader 2's Bracelett

Beader 1 worked on a necklace in gold and burnt sienna, and orange beads.

The Elitist Jerk continued working on a quilt in shades of blue.

The Food

It was a night of sweet treats:  pineapple upside-down cake and strawberry shortcake.